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What's In Your Fiery Furnace

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Once again God spoke through first lady Co-Pastor Barbara Davis with passion and power.  She proposed a few questions; what's in your fiery furnace?  Are there scars buried so deep inside of you that you have finally come to the conclusion you cannot fix them yourself? Is reality staring you in the face? Well, only Jesus can heal you by humbling yourself and acknowledging you need Him.  She spoke on how acknowledgment is good for the soul, especially your own.

"Don't be a leaky Christian they received the word of God, but it comes out as quickly as it goes in".

Lady Davis spoke on how God did his work. How Jesus suffered,  was beaten, whipped, flesh torn from his body, and bruised. She also indicated all the suffering and pain that he went through for us [Isaiah 53: 5]. Now here's the question; are you willing to at least meet God halfway? It was not easy for Him, what makes you think that it will be easy for you?  It is better to suffer with Christ, to go through and achieve than to stay in pain and die in sin. She also spoke of seeking his face. Seek the Lord and study to learn the things that please Him. It is not a great mystery to want to know the things that put a smile on the face of the one who loves you so. For the Lord should always come first [Matthews 6:33]. 

Another topic she spoke on was lust. Women who are seeking a husband ...STOP...!  If it is a husband that you desire, let God bring him to you. OR "You can find yourself only with a pair of pants".

If it is a husband that you desire, let God bring him to you. OR "You can find yourself a pair of pants".

She emphasized how important it is to listen to your leaders in your church. They constantly seek the face of God and study His word because they care for every soul of their flock. Lady Davis also spoke on the subject of restoring health [Exodus 15: 26]. God is faithful to heal you and the wonderful thing about it is "when He heals you "he doesn't leave scars".

Having fear of the Lord, meaning having great respect for the Lord. Giving him reverence and loving Him with all that is in you.

First lady Davis spoke on shame, don't be afraid to talk to your children about your life experiences. Let them know that your life wasn't perfect. You had to learn the ways of the Lord also. Teach them to bring the Lord into their heart and mind, and in all things, see His goodness.  Plant good seed into them so that when you are not around, the Word, will always whisper in their ears.

We say we love Him, let this be the day that we show Him!


You can listen to the service below.

Check out photos of the affair below.

What's in Your Fiery Furnace - Lady Davis

"I AM FREE" Praise Dance by; Kenya Kelly

"Don't Pray & Worry" Praise Dance by; Michelle Cuthbertson

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Women Connected with Purpose

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First Lady Barbara Davis spoke with passion and power on a Saturday afternoon. She spoke about when the first woman was created, she was created with a purpose (Genesis 2:21-22). Even with us, God saw our purpose before we left our mothers’ womb.

She spoke on the challenges that we go through in life. She also spoke about the choices we make in the beginning. Because there is a purpose in our lives, change is inevitable and His voice becomes more powerful than the voices of the world.

Women of God constantly seek his face. It gives them the pleasure to know what pleases Him. The Lord is forever on their minds, their hearts, and on their lips. She keeps the Lord before her marriage and instills Gods' word in her children and grandchildren. For we are not just women we are women connected with purpose.

“Women Connected with Purpose” will nurture their children, love their husbands while, enduring hardships, and withstanding pain as they seek the Lord’s face; therefore, they will trust in Him.

Please view the sermon below:


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