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Servant's House Ministry Celebrating Our 11th Year Anniversary

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Servant's House Ministry celebrated their 11th Year Anniversary on July 23, 2017. There were songs by Servant's House Ministry praise and worship team, and songs by New Hope Holiness children's and adult praise and worship team.

The guest speaker was Bishop Green, from New Hope Holiness church, His Topic was on The Guiding Light he brought the word in with him, and it was strong, there was deliverance and break through's. Bishop Green had such an anointing on him It was definitely a place to be in, the Holy Spirit was definitely in the house. If anybody came in there feeling like their whole world was upside down, they left feeling at peace with themselves.

Women's Network Prayer Brunch

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April 29, 2017, was the annual Prayer Brunch at Servant's House Ministry, located at 601 Cotton Grove Road, Lexington NC 27292.
At the annual Prayer Brunch, breakfast was served, there was plenty to eat, the atmosphere was so warm and welcoming, everyone had a chance to socialize and meet new people. When the Praise and Worship Team of Servant's House Ministry sang, you could feel the holy spirit all over in the place. 

The guest speaker was Co-Pastor Anita Scott, she brought the word in with her. There was healing, deliverance and break through's. It was definitely a place to be for anyone that was looking to turn their life around, or a different way of thinking, especially when you have tried everything else, and nothing has been working out. To connect with people that can lead you in the direction you want to go in.
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