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Unity Prayer Day

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In the midst of tragedy and uncertainty, pastors from 11 local churches have been praying for unity in the community and in the nation.

These pastors began meeting shortly after the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and now they are inviting the community to join Without Walls, a public day of activities, food, fellowship and prayer at the city of Lexington’s Breeden Insurance Amphitheatre from noon to 4 p.m. Oct. 14

Pastors Eddie Scott of Life in the Word and Matt Leonard of Journey Church don’t take credit for bringing the group together.

“It was formed by God,” Leonard offered, describing the group’s origins. He approached Scott at breakfast shortly after a conference focused on the topic of unity and left with a desire to “do something. That urging led to a subsequent breakfast with Scott.

“We were just fellowshipping at breakfast one morning. I began to share with them a vision of churches coming together and us praying for the city and the nation,” Scott explained.

The two were immediately on one accord.

“Matt and myself clicked instantly and began to work toward that and talk to other pastors so we could pray together,” Scott said.

The group wishes to see churches unite and be an example for the community.

“We want to unify churches as well. So often churches compete with each other, but we all want the same thing,” Leonard assured. “We wanted to see the church be one and get rid of the division to come together and work together and love our community.”

Ben Landes, associate pastor at First Alliance Church, one of the organizers for Without Walls Day of Prayer, is coordinating volunteers for the three hours of prayer and praise time. Volunteers will host games for kids and serve free hot dogs and snacks. The event will feature music from praise bands from Journey Church, Life in the Word and Servant House Ministry. Various pastors will speak for five to 10 minutes throughout the day, but Landes explained the primary focus is prayer.

“We thought it would be great to do something in our community to show the unity of Christ and show people the love,” he said.

People are invited to pray in small groups and the ministers will provide a prayer tent for more specific needs.

“There are so many hurting people right now. As we pray, we can see the power of God and the different resolutions people need in their lives” Scott opined. “Prayer is important because it’s the avenue that God chooses to work in order for things to take place in the earth. He has chosen to partner with us in the earth for his will to be done.”

For information about the Without Walls Day of Prayer, contact Pastor Ben Landes at First Alliance Church at 336-619-4119 or email

Antionette Kerr is a freelance writer who calls Lexington home.

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Without Walls Night of Prayer - August 9, 2017

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Once again, several different churches came together to represent UNITY at High Rock Church in Lexington North Carolina. ONE WORD can change a community, no longer walking with our eyes closed, but AWAKENING to the knowledge that without the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD there is no hope. As our communities came together for that very call to break and pull down the walls of the VISION of God’s people pastors from different churches spoke these very topics. Prayer teams prayed before the ceremony, and great fellowship followed afterward.

It is clear God has given the leaders of Without Walls a VISION that was revealed on this night. That there is a ministry for the community of Lexington, NC that will spread throughout the county and state. Without Walls, really means, no walls, as there are plans in the near future to have some of the “Night of Prayer” outdoors.

Nothing is more glorious than to see everyone come together in a knowledge that there is only one God, One Savior, and One Blood. That is our drive and I passion as one people, who will pray here together here in this town of Lexington North Carolina. For we declare in Jesus name that this will be a city WITHOUT WALLS COLLECTIVE”.

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Without Walls - Prayer Meeting - High Rock Church - Lexington NC - 08/09/2017

Here are some video highlights of the evening.

For more information about "Without Walls Collective" please visit our Facebook Page - click here..