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Women Connected with Purpose

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First Lady Barbara Davis spoke with passion and power on a Saturday afternoon. She spoke about when the first woman was created, she was created with a purpose (Genesis 2:21-22). Even with us, God saw our purpose before we left our mothers’ womb.

She spoke on the challenges that we go through in life. She also spoke about the choices we make in the beginning. Because there is a purpose in our lives, change is inevitable and His voice becomes more powerful than the voices of the world.

Women of God constantly seek his face. It gives them the pleasure to know what pleases Him. The Lord is forever on their minds, their hearts, and on their lips. She keeps the Lord before her marriage and instills Gods' word in her children and grandchildren. For we are not just women we are women connected with purpose.

“Women Connected with Purpose” will nurture their children, love their husbands while, enduring hardships, and withstanding pain as they seek the Lord’s face; therefore, they will trust in Him.

Please view the sermon below:


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